History of Dances

The National Dances

The Scottish Lilt is the first National dance that beginners learn. This pretty, ballet-like dance was the first dance choreographed for women, in the 1930s.

Flora MacDonald's Fancy is another National dance, named after a young Scottish woman who lived on the island of Benbecula. Flora helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from the English after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, by disguising the prince in women's clothing to sneak him past the militia and onto a boat bound for the mainland.

Wilt Thou Go to the Barracks, Johnny? was originally a recruitment dance for the Scottish Army. It symbolizes the strength and agility expected of the soldier.

Other National dances performed by premier (advanced) dancers include the Highland Laddie, Blue Bonnets Over the Border, the Village Maid, the Scotch Measure, the Earl of Errol, and the Tribute to J.L. McKenzie.

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