About Highland Dancing continued

Scottish Highland dancing is a legacy. In California alone, there are several hundred registered Highland dancers. In some families, it’s a tradition passed from parent to child, but many first-time dancers are completely new to dancing. Our school and our students welcome everyone, and encourage each other on every step of the journey.

Scottish Highland dancing is inclusive of all cultures. Many of our dancers have no Scottish ancestry, but sought out lessons after watching our dancers perform in the community. The allure of Highland dance is timeless and not bound by bloodlines. The skirl of the pipes appeals to everyone, but few have the ability to translate those haunting notes into the ancient stories.

Scottish Highland dancing is an adventure, a passion and a motivator for all who study it, whether they compete or simply take lessons for fun. Regardless of skill level, age or ancestry, all of Kyla’s dancers share a common denominator -- they come to class because they love to dance.

“It is not a matter of just moving the feet to the music, for the feet “sing” what the piper plays. When all your knowledge, training, and love for what you are doing combine favorably, it is difficult to subdue the feeling which comes from deep within yourself.”

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